Suchetgarh Agreement

The Siachen imbroglio is part of the whole J-K problem and begins with the aggression of Pakistan from 1947-48 and not in 1984. The problem arises if one does not follow what was outlined in the Karachi Agreement of 1949. There would be no problem with Siachen if the agreement were followed in the letter and mind. The agreement was signed by senior military officials from both sides (following the ceasefire agreement) which clearly demarcates the Cease Fire Line (CFL) on the basis of the actual position on the ground, as on that day. However, the CFL was delineated on a one-inch map, but only until point NJ 9842 was known. The bilateral agreement of this historic day specified that the CFL demarcated glaciers as far as Khor (or NJ 9842) and from the north. NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Five Indian soldiers were killed on Tuesday in an ambush of Pakistani militants and soldiers along the disputed border with Pakistan in Kashmir, Indian officials said. Pakistan dismissed the accusation as “for no reason” and said it was bound to abide by the 2003 ceasefire agreement. “In recent years, it has become a trend. We grow and sow our farms, but at harvest time, we have to live to escape fire and fire,” he rowed together, as a group of farmers nodded thoughtfully. Because of the frequency of borders, agriculture is rapidly becoming unprofitable, and there are wild animals that are harming our crops, and we can no longer stay on our farms after sunset. 1972 – Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sign an agreement in the Indian city of Simla on the principles that govern relations.

(iii) Withdrawals will begin on the effective date of this agreement and will be concluded within 30 days. 5. This agreement is ratified by both countries in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures and enters into force from the date of exchange of the ratification instruments. 6. Both governments agree that in the future, their respective heads of state or government will meet again at a favourable time for both parties and that, in the meantime, representatives of both sides will meet to determine the modalities and modalities for achieving lasting peace and normalizing relations, including issues relating to the repatriation of prisoners of war and internees. , to continue the debate. , a final settlement of Jammu and Kashmir and the resumption of diplomatic relations. (INDIRA GANDHI) Prime Minister Republic of India (ZULFIKAR ALI BHUTTO) President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Simla, July 22, 1972 But Pakistan had begun to make some map changes to the ceasefire line after the 1962 war, soon to be reflected by the U.S. defense agency, a global mapping reference.