Nsw And Act Catholic Systemic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2017

Employees of the Diocese of Broken Bay are subject to the following agreements: Enterprise agreements are enterprise-level agreements between the employer and employees on the terms of employment. Personal author: Matthews, Carol; Source: Newsmonth, Vol. 39, No. 5, July 2019: 5 Document Type: Journal Article ISSN: 0728-4845 Theme: Sociological aspects of schools; Jurisdiction Public Schools – Government Policy; Teacher`s attitudes Database: Collection of the Humanities and Social Sciences The Catholic Bureau of Education offers employees three supernuation funds. For more information, please visit the following web pages: Search in the Humanities Databases – Social Sciences Collection Change Please contact Susan Phillipson on (02) 4253 0913 or Casey Wilkinson at (02) 4253 0829. To quote this article: Matthews, Carol. Wages are rising on the move for ACT [online] teachers. Newsmonth, Vol. 39, No. 5, Jul 2019: 5. Availability: ISSN: 0728-4845.

[cited 05 Dec 20]. Australian Catholic Superannuation Retirement Fund Join Online Here Our standard system for superannuation guarantee contributions is the Australian Catholic Superannuation Retirement Fund, if no funds are indicated. Workers are not able to transfer Superannuation contributions to other superination funds.