Library Partnership Agreement

The following principles will govern how the Peterborough Public Library addresses partnerships and related activities. Not all principles apply in all cases; However, these principles are used as decision-making power. Have you ever contacted a library employee about this partnership? Partnerships should be reviewed and confirmed each year by the implementation of an agreement. The CEO keeps a record of all ongoing partnership agreements. In general, partnerships should start modestly and develop only after proven success and direction. The form must be signed by the person who works as a partner representative for your institution (usually the library or the archives manager). Please print out the form and sign it. Target group: The library offers programs in the following target group categories; which ones apply to your program? All library staff have the opportunity to identify new partnerships and take responsibility for promoting existing projects that advance the library`s mission and strategic objectives. All staff working in partnership are responsible for supporting effective communication and coordination of partnership activities. The partnership with the Santa Barbara Public Library to jointly organize a jointly sponsored program is an opportunity for interested groups to work with experienced library professionals to plan and implement programs that benefit the community. Due to the number of applications, the library reserves the right to choose the opportunities that best fit its public information mission and interested partners are invited to return a form for the partnership agreement that defines both library responsibility and partner responsibilities. The Peterborough Public Library reserves the right to terminate or withdraw partnerships for reasons such as (but not limited): the library manager is responsible for the library council`s information and support on key partnership activities and initiatives. However, library staff will work to seek and promote a potential partnership in accordance with this policy; If these are long-term commitments or significant obligations related to time, library or financial commitments, library committee approval is required before agreements are reached.

The Peterborough Public Library welcomes broad support from various sources within the Community to fulfill its mission. This directive sets out the requirements for commercial and community partnerships with the library. The library can work with community groups, agencies or individuals. Through the development of partnerships within our community, the Peterborough Public Library is able: the partnership is automatically renewed each year; Decisions on the termination of membership are communicated six months before the desired close of membership. Partners should commit to identifying clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all parties involved. For most of the co-sponsored programs in the library, the venue is made available by the library. Programming and marketing can be provided or shared by the community partner. Do you need the library to provide additional support? Do you need sound, projection or other devices? If so, please describe. What is the desired date (s)? If there is no specific date, please give a calendar. Biography: Please submit the name and a brief biographical explanation of the program host. Includes the information you will qualify as a speaker for the proposed program.

To become a partner in the OCLC Research Library Partnership Partnership, you must complete an oclc partnership agreement from the Research Library (.pdf).