Cfo Employment Agreement Template

3.5. Stock premiums. On March 13, 2012, in accordance with the company`s 2009 incentive plan153s (the “Plan”), you will receive 275,000 shares of the company (the “share subsidy”). The grant must last three years, 50% on the second anniversary of the grant and 50% on the third anniversary of the grant, unless you are not yet employed by the company at the time of the grant. Regardless of the above, the grant must be immediately (i) immediately (i) upon the arrival of a change of control (as defined in the terms and conditions and subject to the provisions of Section 3.9 of this Agreement) and (ii) in the event that, during the initial term or extension period (x), your employment by the company ends without cause or (y) you voluntarily terminate your employment for good reason. Unless given above is indicated, the stock grant is subject to the conditions set out in the Company`s usual premium agreement153. During the initial period and an extension period, you are authorized to receive additional capital bonuses from the company under the terms of the “Company153s 2009” incentive plan established by the Compensation Committee. In order to avoid any doubt and notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the stock subsidy agreement for the purposes of the stock grant, “Good Reason” has the importance provided for in this agreement. 4.6 Cooperation. You agree to provide the company and its related companies with appropriate cooperation with respect to current or future actions, arbitration or arbitration proceedings between the company, both during and after any work with the company, regardless of when or why such employment ends, including, but not only, dishonesty or falsification of working or corporate documents; agreement before the date of your offence. The amount of the severance pay is paid in cash, in a single lump sum, the latest (1) on the first day of the month after the termination occurs and (2) the date on which the withdrawal period (as defined in the release) has expired.

Notwithstanding the other paragraph, the amount of severance pay is not paid if the release is not executed and sent to the Company within 60 days of the termination of the employment relationship (or if the severance is revoked in accordance with its conditions), the amount of the severance is not paid. At the expiry of this agreement, due to the non-renewal or termination of your activity under this contract for cause or cause of death or disability, or by the voluntary termination of your employment in the context of your employment without cause, you are only entitled to the payment of such payments of your basic annual salary, which have been earned until the expiry date and/or termination date. 9.2 Full agreement. Including the employee`s obligations of the proprietary information agreement, as stated in Section 7 above, this agreement is considered to be the final, complete and exclusive declaration of the terms of the employee`s employment by the company and replaces all other prior and simultaneous agreements and declarations in one way or another to the employee`s employment. To the extent that the company`s practices, directives or procedures apply to the employee, now or in the future, and are inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement, the provisions of this agreement are monitored. Any subsequent changes to the employee`s obligations or allowances have no bearing on the validity or scope of this contract.