Festival Madness

July 18th. 2014 A-Feldkirch Poolbar Festival
July 19th. 2014 A-Inzersdorf Rock im Dorf
July 25th. 2014 GER-Megesheim Der Krater Bebt!
July 26th. 2014 GER-Chieming Seewärts Festival
August 09th. 2014 A-Bad Fischau  Klangbad Festival
August 30th. 2014 CH-Appenzell Clanx Festival
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Let’s go to the movies

Header_Das finstere Tal

From today Feb. 13th on Austrian movie “Das Finstere Tal” will be shown in a cinema nearby. We already had the pleasure to see it and it’s amazing. We’re proud as our song “How Dare You!” is part of the movie’s soundtrack. Enjoy!
much love!