Art Consignment Agreement Template Word

You can create a record report to work on each of your sites by clicking on the locations in the left menu. In the gallery or in the retailer for which you want to create a report, click the Grey Reports button and select The Send Report in the drop-down menu. The mailing reports will help you and the gallery track what you have delivered, what has been sold and what needs to be returned. It is helpful for you and the gallery to keep a copy of the mailing report handy to ensure that all your work is taken into account (sold or returned to you). Most galleries do not buy work directly. Instead, they accept “on-air” work. In fact, they borrow works by artists for the exhibition in the gallery and pay the artist only if he sells. This plan limits the gallery`s capital costs, allowing them to devote more of its resources to paying rent, staff, advertising or other activity costs. Accounting details: Essentially, when are you paid? Is it right after the sale of a work? Once a month? Your art shipping contract should be extremely clear on these terms, as it is not scandalous that galleries fall off the radar in difficult times. This agreement is intended to be used by an artist if it is agreed with a gallery that the gallery will exhibit and sell the artist`s works.

The agreement was developed by ContractStore in collaboration with Artquest. It contains two pages of conditions and a calendar listing the works to ship and retail prices. When you start with Consignment Reports, you first get the basics. A mailing report must contain a mailing number that will help you and the gallery track a specific delivery, your contact information, the dealer or gallery contact information and the delivery date. This template agreement was developed by ContractStore in collaboration with Artquest (, part of the University of the Arts in London. The gallery is responsible for any loss or damage sustained during the duration of the expedition. Even if the gallery does not receive the full payment before the delivery of one of the works to a buyer, the gallery still has to pay the artist, even if the buyer does not pay the gallery.